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Proven time and life management strategies to shift the way you prioritize your day. 

Learn how to break the cycle, get aligned, and create a peaceful life.  

Get ready to experience life in a bold new way!

The Mompreneur  Total Experience

5 week Cohort

As loving moms, we desire to see our family happy. Our families' happiness is often the temporary fix to keep us moving throughout the day. However, we still find ourselves feeling unappreciated, exhausted, and unaccomplished.


"The Mompreneur Experience" is a 5-week process where I walk you through easy-to-apply strategies on how to create a balanced and peaceful life and business.

Each participant gains lifetime access to the closed Facebook group. 2 / 1 -1 Coaching During Program and 1  monthly 1 -1 Coaching.

The 5-week Process

  • Week 1 - Managing/Shifting Your Mindset

  • Week 2 - Intentional Planning

  • Week 3 - Time Blocking

  • Week 4 - Building Your Tribe

  • Week 5 - Executing Actionable Steps

Membership Programs & Cohorts


The Mompreneur Essentials

The Mompreneur Experience Essentials Subscription Plan is designed to empower, educate, and support mothers navigating the entrepreneurial journey. Tailored for the modern mompreneur, this subscription offers a comprehensive blend of resources, guidance, and community support to help you thrive in both your personal and business endeavors. Here's what's included in the Mompreneur Essentials:

  • Monthly Newsletter on Mompreneur Tips

  • Monthly Downloadable Self-Care Worksheets

  • Access to a Monthly 1-Hour Group Coaching Session


The Mompreneur Plus

The Mompreneur Plus Subscription is an exclusive offering designed to provide an elevated level of support, guidance, and resources for moms who are serious about taking their entrepreneurial journey to the next level. Building on the solid foundation of the Mompreneur Essentials, the Plus subscription enhances your experience with personalized coaching, deeper community engagement, and more intensive learning opportunities. Here's what's included in the Mompreneur Plus:

  • Everything in the Mompreneur Essential

  • One 1-hour 1-on-1 Coaching Session per Month with Christine M. Psalms.

  • Monthly Worksheet Assignments.

  • Access to the Closed Social Media Group.


The Mompreneur Elite

Introducing the Mompreneur Elite Subscription, the most comprehensive and exclusive package designed for the ultimate mompreneur experience. This premier offering takes your entrepreneurial journey to the highest level, providing you with an unmatched combination of personalized support, advanced learning opportunities, and unparalleled access to resources. Tailored for those who are deeply committed to maximizing their success while balancing the joys and challenges of motherhood and entrepreneurship, here's what the Mompreneur Elite includes:

  • Everything in the Mompreneur Plus

  • Priority Access for Scheduling 2 / 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions per Month with Christine M. Psalms.

  • Additional Exclusive Resources or Bonuses

  • access to premium masterclasses led by industry leaders to downloadable guides filled with advanced strategies and tools, these resources are designed to give you a competitive edge in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Break The Cycle


It's not uncommon that I meet a mom who overworks themselves but still feel they accomplished nothing. 

I'll help you break that cycle.

Get Aligned


Before we can be effective and make an impact, we must first be aligned spiritually and mentally.

I'll show you how.

Create a Peaceful Life


Peace doesnt just happen it is a state of being that we must intentionaly access.

I'll help you unlock it.

tired mom.png

Stop missing quality moments with yourself because you want to prioritize the happiness of others.

What will it cost you not to invest in yourself?

Happy Girl Texting

Your Investment

The Mompreneur Experience

Cycle 8 Begins April 1, 2024

Investment option 1

1-time investment of $899  $449.50

40% off through Mar. 18th - Use Code: TME2024

Investment option 2

total investment of $899

Pay a deposit of $224.75 &

3 additional payments of 224.75

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