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Entrepreneur, mom, and motivational speaker

Christine Psalms, Founder / Owner of Dancing For His Glory Studio & Company and CMP Consulting is a Mompreneur who delivers a thought-provoking message to stay-at-home moms, homeschool moms, and women business owners through workshops, keynote addresses, workshops, webinars, and  One on One Coaching. She is a visionary and motivator who can help you see past your present, into your future, and help you put it into action.

Motivating Moments with Christine

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Join Christine Live every Friday @ 1 pm ET via Facebook for Motivating Moments with Christine. Receive motivation to keep moving, to think outside the box, and to push yourself to your next level in life.  Click on the Facebook link and get notified when Christine goes Live.

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Speaking Engagements

Highlighted Presentations


In this presentation, Christine offers 3 steps to help you find your goals and achieve them. She will give you practical tools to striving for excellence and succeeding in life.

Strive for Excellence and Succeed

Why I decided to home school

Life is filled with choices; good, bad, and downright terrible. Christine opens up and offers her audience a new way to think about life, the choices we make, and the ones made for us.

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When Mom Gets Frustrated...Now What?

Let's talk about when mom gets frustrated. What do we do? Do you know your triggers? Christine takes you on a journey and gives 3 tips to manage your frustration.

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As a child, thinking you will take care of your parents when you become an adult, is the furthest thing from your mind. For most, our young years are spent with school, activities, being told what to do, and thinking about what we want to be when we grow up. In that list of thoughts, ‘Raising Parents’ isn’t one of them.

‘Raising Parents’ is my personal journey of going from child to adult responsibilities, to becoming an adult, to raising my children, to raising my parents. That’s a lot! However, my hope is while reading, you will take the tools and information provided and use them as needed, and understand that you are not alone in this process. 


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"C. Psalms is an amazing teacher with anointing in teaching and it is inspiring."

Glenda P.

"Thank you for the impact you made on our daughter's life. The time you have invested in her life is without words but is seen."

Karen E.

"What you are doing is inspirational, uplifting, and heartfelt."

L. Sylvester

I know you love teaching. I can feel it in your spirit. That's why I'm so happy God put you in my path.

Anissa C.


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