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Are you the mom who has more "to-do-list" than there is day?

Guess What? You're in the right place at the right time!


As moms, it's easy to lose track of time when you run a business and care for your family. After serving clients, cooking dinner, and getting the kids off to bed, you look up and realize you didn't have time for yourself.

Mom, it's time to shift!

My name is Christine M. Psalms, and as a full-time entrepreneur, homeschool parent, and wife, I quickly learned the importance of having systems to avoid burnout.

The Mompreneur Experience was created for moms who no longer want to feel overwhelmed, burnt-out, or stretched thin.

If this sounds anything like you, join the Mompreneur experience today.

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Pick the path best to reclaim your life.

The Mompreneur Experience

If you have a strong desire to get more time to yourself, have peace in your work and home life,  The Mompreneur Experience is for you.

One-on-One Strategy Sessions

Are you having moments of unclarity, mental blockages, or simply can't seem to find a strategy that helps you reach your goal?

Connect with me today. 

Breathe, Release, & Embrace

Do you need some encouragement or a boost to start the day?

Look no further get your 20 minute push now!

What Clients Are Saying

"C. Psalms is an amazing teacher with anointing in teaching and it is inspiring."

Glenda P.

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